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Question 1: The nurse is assessing a teenage male client status post-unilateral orchiectomy. Which of the following should be included in the client’s long-term plan of care?


  1. Chronic Pain

  2. Risk for impaired skin integrity

  3. Risk for infection

  4. Risk for sexual dysfunction


Question 2: You are caring for a client who had surgery 24 hours ago. The doctor has ordered the discontinuation of NPO status and the advancement of the client’s diet “as tolerated.” What should you offer this client to eat as his first meal after discontinuation of NPO status?


  1. Chicken broth, cranberry juice, and sherbet

  2. Chicken broth, cranberry juice, and Italian ice or pudding

  3. Beef broth, ginger ale, and pudding

  4. Beef broth, gelatin, and a citrus soda


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