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Question 1: A patient who is an IV drug user presents with intermittent visual loss and fundoscopic eye exam shows white-centered hemorrhages in the retinal artery. Which of the following conditions does this patient most likely have?

  1. Cataracts

  2. Macular degeneration

  3. Infective endocarditis

  4. Viral conjunctivitis

  5. Retinal artery occlusion

Question 2: A 23-year-old female G1P0 who is 26 weeks pregnant presents to urgent care after complaining of a headache. Her blood pressure in triage is 180/95 mmHg. She is sent to the nearest emergency department for blood pressure control and workup. After the patient's arrival, routine labs reveal a white blood cell count of 4.5 cells/μL (normal 3.5-10.5 cells/μL), hemoglobin 9.5g/dL (normal 12-16g/dL), and platelet count 74 thousand/μL (normal 150-400 thousand/μL). Platelet count was 258 thousand/μL a week prior. AST is 358 IU/L, and ALT is 461 IU/L (normal 5-45 (IU/L). CMP shows an elevated indirect bilirubin. What is the treatment of choice?

  1. Treatment for immune thrombocytopenia (ITP)

  2. Plasmapheresis for thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP)

  3. Reassurance/observation

  4. Delivery of fetus

  5. Liver biopsy and workup for acute hepatitis

Adult Gerontology Acute Care NP Question Bank

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I think these questions would provide an excellent review for the AGACNP exam. The body system/category grouping allows individuals to focus on specific areas of concern or to take a variety of questions more like the actual exam. The explanations are helpful and provide a good rationale and learning points. I would suggest that users use this resource for several months prior to their exam in order to master the content and to get used to taking a lengthy exam such as the AGACNP exam. This would also be an excellent resource for schools to prepare their students for the exam and to increase their pass rate.” - K. Wright, AGACNP-C