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Osler Plastic Surgery Board Reviews Plastic Surgery Board Review Osler
Posted by...Bernard Sklar, MD.
Plastic Surgery CME Credit hours...Vary according to format. 
CME Credits Awarded by....Osler Institute.
Cost..........Vary according to format. See ===>
Instruction Type... Live or audio recordings.
Target Audience...PLASTIC SURGERY.
Educational material updated on an ongoing basis.
The Osler Plastic Surgery Board Reviews offer learning in a variety of venues and formats.
See the site for the dates of the next Live Osler Plastic Surgery Written Board Review and Osler Plastic Surgery Mock Oral Review Course
CME Credit hours...40. Price... $750 for Residents; $1150 for practicing physicians.
Mock oral exams are one-on-one simulations of the board exam with faculty examining candidates and providing feedback. These can be either private ($165 each) or before a group ($125 each).
CME Credit hours...30. Price...$1050. 
The Osler Plastic Surgery Course on 7 MP3 CDs w/Electronic Syllabus. Each CD includes a full days' lectures from the most recent live meeting in MP3 format which you can play on your MP3 player, computer or CD player.
CME Credit hours...None for this format. Price...$475.
You will also find a number of Plastic Surgery Board Review CDs and books ranging in price from $65 to $250.