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Obesity: Expert Management Perspectives and Updates from Obesity Week
Live online November 11, 2016, and available on demand through May 11, 2017.
Posted by...Bernard Sklar, MD.Free Obesity CME
Free Obesity CME Credit hours...1.0. 
CME Credits Awarded by....Boston University School of Medicine..
Instruction Type...Streaming Video Lecture and discussion.
Target Audiences...This program is intended for primary care physicians, gastroenterologists, surgeons, pharmacists, nurses, nurse practitioners and other clinicians involved in the treatment and management of obesity.
Educational material updated... November 11, 2016.
Expiration of CME credit...May 11, 2017.
Financial Support...None
After viewing Obesity: Expert Management Perspectives, you will be better able to:
• Apply the approach that obesity is a disease, not a behavioral problem, and in that context more identify more effective collaborative methods to overcome patient barriers to following an optimized weight management plan
• Identify the indications for each of the spectrum of obesity treatments, including lifestyle interventions, pharmacotherapy, and surgery for individualized obesity management
• Describe the pharmacology of the currently available medications for obesity, their indications and adverse effect profile, and how to initiate and titrate them as part of an effective obesity treatment program
• Describe key clinical reports from Obesity Week 2016